DH Custom Cabinets Inc, Manufactures and installs all cabinets and built-ins (Library, Entertainment Centers, etc) to achieve maximum client satisfaction. 

DH Custom Cabinets Inc, Service proudly offers a highly qualified, professional staff with over thirty years of experience in manufacturing and installing wood cabinetry. All products are completely satisfaction guaranteed.

Our years of experience and    constant satisfaction of our clients have not only become a guarantee of quality in our     products, but it has also made us prestigious and recognized in our line of work.

DH Custom Cabinets Inc, designs are simply and elegantly all about you. The beautifully designed      cabinets begin with your basic idea and quickly becomes the realization of your dreams.

DH Custom Cabinets Inc, offers you old world craftsmanship with the effectiveness of modern technology. Our products represent the utmost in quality and timeless beauty that will stand the test of time. We are dedicated in     providing cabinets that will     enrich their environments as much as fine art.

At DH Custom Cabinets Inc, we have dedicated ourselves to the manufacturing of high quality   cabinets without the custom price tag. We count on a highly trained, innovative and qualified personnel accompanied with top of the line technology that allows for the    precise development of our products.

Software Specialized

DH Custom Cabinets Inc, Utilizes state of the art computerized designing for all of its wood products. The professional staff combines    old school standards with up-to-date knowledge and   technology.